Naked Preamps and Amps


Versatile and Compact

All naked preamps and amps are built in to one of 3 different sizes of diecast aluminum enclosures (3.5"x4.5", 4.5"x5.5", 5.5"x7.5") All enclosures are powder coated and tightly sealed.

Mono or Stereo

Preamps can be built either mono or stereo and can have either individual or stereo controls. 

Completely Custom

Both preamps and amps have many options and can be custom tailored for the individual player, studio, etc.

Available options include:

DI transformers

Stereo controls

Multiple inputs and outputs

Treble and/or bass boost

Internal dummy loads

Switchable negative feedback

Switchable input load

Line out

Preamp out

All naked Slavedriver amps are available in either 1W class A, 3W class AB, and 5W class A.

The dedicated Slave is a 5W class A power section that can be driven by any preamp or Slavedriver head.


Pricing is done on a unit to unit basis based on options.

Single channel preamps range from $375-$550

Stereo Preamps range from $550-$800

Slavedriver Preamp Heads range from $550-$1000 depending on wattage and options

Dedicated Slave 5W base price is $525