Stereo Package

5W Slave Driver with Matching Cabinet and Matching 5w Powered Cabinet

 Package includes 5w Slave Driver Head,  1x10 matching Cabinet, and 1x10 matching 5w Powered Cabinet. Combining for 10 watts of glorious stereophonic sound.

The Slave Driver is so much more than a 5 watt practice/recording/gigable head. Driven by a 6V6GT and a single 5751 preamp section the Onkel 5w can be used as a 5w practice/recording/live head with passive FX loop. The send can be used as a preamp out allowing you to add vintage tube tone to any amp or you can go directly to the board for live gigs or recording. Line out in rear can be switched between instrument level and line level, and can be used for recording or live gigs. The line out adds the entire circuit post OT and can even be run in a pedal chain. Built in dummy load so no speaker is required for operation. You can even use the 5w power section, the preamp out, and the line out simultaneously. And it's all in a custom solid wood enclosure.

-solid state rectifier
-5751 preamp tube
-6V6GT power tube
-passive FX loop
-8 ohm speaker output
-Line out switchable from line level to instrument level
-adjustable/defeatable negative feedback
-bright switch
-Hi and Lo input switch
-Standby switch to protect power tube
Quality Electronics

Built using quality components such as:
Sozo coupling caps
F&T filter caps
Dale mil spec resistors
Switchcraft jacks
Belton sockets
and powered by Classictone transformers
Custom Solid wood Enclosures