Baltic Birch Ply

1/2" Baltic Birch Plywood

Sound: Very reflective, punchy and tight

All pricing starts in 1/2" Baltic Birch Ply

Baltic Birch (solid)

3/4" Solid Baltic Birch

Sound: Less reflective than Birch Ply, warm and mellow with emphasis on bass


3/4" Solid Alder

Sound: Similar to solid Birch, warm and mellow with emphasis on bass


3/4" Solid Cherry

Sound: More reflective than Birch or Alder, brighter sound with emphasis on mids

Hard White Maple

3/4" Solid Hard White Maple

Sound: Slightly more reflective than Cherry , even brighter with full mids and crisp highs

American Red Oak

3/4" Solid American Red Oak

Sound: Very reflective, punchy bass and sharp clear highs



3/4" Solid Saplele

Sound: More reflective than Alder but less than Maple, warm and full with deep bass and full mids


3/4" Solid Walnut

Sound: Very reflective with punchy tight bass, full mids, and clear highs

White Oak Quartersawn

3/4" Solid White Oak Quartersawn

Sound: Very reflective, punchy tight bass with extremely bright highs

3/4" Heavy Duty Construction

All housings and cabinets are 3/4" hand selected hardwoods and exotics. These enclosures are butted, glued, and through doweled creating an incredibly strong and durable cabinet for your amp, speaker, or combo. Above are just a few examples of available wood choices, many more available upon request. I hand select every piece of wood used.